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SIYB – Start and Improve Your Business is one of the largest global business management training programmes. It helps small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business, as a strategy to create more and better employment for women and men. The International Training Centre of the ILO, jointly with the ILO “Road to Jobs” project and the Balkh Chamber of Commerce and
Industry are organising a two week “Start and Improve Your Business SIYB Training of Trainers course”, to be held in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan from 2 to 13 July 2017.

Participants completing the two week course “Start and Improve Your Business Training of Trainers course” will be accredited to attend the following two week course “Start and Improve Your Business Training of Entrepreneurs course”. This ToT course is the first step in obtaining the certification as SIYB trainers. It will be facilitated by ILO-certified Master Trainers and will introduce participants to both the technical content of the relevant SIYB package and to adult learning methodologies.
Participants who have attended the two courses, who have taken part in organizing and facilitating a Training of Entrepreneurs (ToE), and have attended a competency reinforcement workshop will be certified as ILO SIYB trainers and have the credentials to offer SIYB training to potential entrepreneurs and SMEs.
SIYB trainers play a key role in SIYB implementation as they are responsible for training entrepreneurs – starting from understanding their training needs to post-training followup support provision.

The objectives of the Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) Training of Trainers

The objective of this workshop is to enable SIYB training providers to develop long-term business models that will allow them to function independently financially while still maintaining service quality standards that facilitate entrepreneurial development. The course will enable the participants to:
• Get a detailed understanding of the steps in introducing SIYB
• Understand the key differences in target groups and learning objectives of SIYB’s training packages
• Identify different strategies for marketing the services for specific target groups
• Be aware of the best practices in managing an SIYB programme, including the monitoring and evaluation tools available at different levels of the SIYB training system
• Explore future sustainability strategies at provider level and at national level
• Develop new business models for financial viability of BDS providers


For more information please write to or download the flyer here.

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