Rural development and Decent Work to build peace in Colombia

/Rural development and Decent Work to build peace in Colombia
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Decent work plays a key role in building peace in Colombia. The creation of quality employment, especially in rural areas, is vital to the process of creating secure, sustainable and resilient societies. Access to social protection for the most vulnerable groups, respect for fundamental rights at work and resolution of disputes through dialogue are key ingredients for ensuring lasting peace and social justice. In rural areas, post-conflict reconstruction represents a historic opportunity to break existing inequalities and dependencies. The peacebuilding process is seen as a unique chance to rebuild a society that is more coherent and more dynamic, diversified and efficient. In order to advance towards these goals, organizations are required to promote the processes of rural development and job creation in the territories. Civil servants, social and private actors and civil society are also required to accompany communities in the inclusion of the rural population in productive life.

This Academy aims at providing participants with the knowledge and access to resources necessary to promote comprehensive rural development with decent work in rural areas of Colombia in the post conflict context.

At the end of the Academy, participants will have:

  • collectively constructed a vision of the role of decent work in the processes of peacebuilding
  • gained a better understanding of how to design and implement effective rural development strategies for the promotion of decent work in rural areas
  • familiarized themselves with numerous strategies and tools for rural development through decent work
  • shared experiences and knowledge on rural development and employment issues.

The Academy will be held in Spanish. For more info click here.

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