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Unemployment, underemployment and working poverty have persisted in many countries around the world despite decades of rapid economic growth. This phenomenon, dubbed as “jobless growth”, has disproportionately affected youth and women. In addition, the fi nancial and economic crisis over the last decade has exacerbated this phenomenon. This has brought increased understanding of the need for inclusive growth through effective, targeted, gender sensitive and coherent policies, strategies and programmes that promote jobs and decent work.

Against this background, the ILO’s Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the ILO (the training arm of the ILO) will organise the Learning Forum on Innovations in Public Investment and Public Employment Programmes” from 25 September to 6 October 2017 in its ITCILO campus in Turin, Italy. Drawing from ILO’s vast experience in the field, spanning over 40 years, the Learning Forum will serve as a global platform for promoting exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices on innovative approaches for employment-intensive public investment programmes. The Forum will focus on both policy and operational measures for enhancing the effectiveness of public investment in infrastructure and public employment programmes to support sustainable job creation and long-term development.

Target group

The Learning Forum is targeted to senior officials from government ministries and agencies; employers’ and workers’ organizations; public investment and employment policy advisors and project managers; research and education institutions; and donor organizations who are working or
are poised to work on public investment programmes and employment policy and strategy.
A gender-balanced participation is sought.

Learning objectives

At the end of the Learning Forum, participants could expect to:

• Acquire better understanding of the potentials for sustainable job creation through innovative public investment programmes;
• Enhance their capacity to design and implement effective job creation strategies;
• Get familiarized with several tools for effective public programme design and implementation at sector levels;
• Articulate several approaches for monitoring, evaluation and impact assessment of public investment and employment programmes;
• Acquire knowledge of innovations and best practices in employment-intensive public employment programmes for sustainable decent work  creation;
• Get exposure to contracting methodologies and capacity building approaches for SMEs development in national construction industry;
• Learn from several countries’ experiences and best practices for local resource-based approaches for community works and services;
• Acquire insights into best practices on green works through climate change adaptation and response to natural disasters;
• Acquire knowledge on the role of employment-intensive investment in ILO approach for job creation and for peace and resilience building in countries affected by fragility conditions.

The structure of the Learning Forum

The Forum will be structured in three learning Modalities, as follows:
Modality 1 – Plenary sessions
Each morning, the programme will offer overview lectures and/or panel discussions that will introduce key concepts and practical approaches for effective design and implementation of public investment and employment programmes.
Modality 2 – Elective courses
The programme will offer elective courses from which participants will choose. The elective courses are envisaged to stimulate in-depth discussions and knowledge acquisitions on topics that the participants’ perceive are relevant to their individual and institutional learning needs and priorities.
Modality 3 – Interactive sessions
The programme will offer interactive ‘open space’ sessions which provide participants with the opportunity to present on-going public investment and job creation initiatives in their countries and invite other participants and resource persons to provide constructive feedbacks and innovative ideas for strengthening the employment outcomes of these initiatives.

Training methodology 

The training methodology for the Learning Forum will be highly participatory. It is designed to ensure a ‘learning-by-doing’ process that encourages the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices among participants. It will combine lectures by experts and practitioners from the ILO and ITCILO with participatory individual exercises and group work. The state-of-the-art interactive facilitation methods will be used in combination with digital learning technologies to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices. An interactive web-platform, the e-Campus, will be used to enhance the learning experience to easily access the course materials for each session.
An evaluation questionnaire will be made available at the end of the event to acquire information on participants’ satisfaction and suggestions on how to improve the Forum’s learning modules and methodology.

Venue and dates 

The Learning will be held from 25 September to 06 October 2017 in Turin, Italy.


The Learning Forum is offered in English and French, with simultaneous interpretation provided in both languages.

Cost and financing 

The Learning Forum is fee-paying. The total cost is 3625 euro and it is composed of:
• the tuition cost of 2275 euro covering the cost of programme development and management, secretarial and administrative support costs, the use of training facilities and teaching equipment, office supplies and training materials. Also included is emergency medical insurance;
• The participant’s accommodation and subsistence cost of 1350 euro covers lodging and subsistence at the ITCILO campus.
For information regarding payment, cancellation and refunds, please consult: http://www.itcilo.org/en/training-offer/how-to-apply

A limited number of partial fellowships will be available.
Fellowships will be allocated on a case-by-case basis. Priority in scholarship allocation will be given to candidates who have the appropriate profile and experience for the course. Normally, the fellowship does not exceed 50% of the total cost and does not include travel expenses.

Application procedure and selection criteria

Early application is strongly recommended since admission is competitive and space is limited. Candidates who require Schengen visa to enter Italy are advised to submit their applications six weeks before the starting date of the Forum. Interested candidates should register on-line at:

Selection will be based on the following criteria:
• Proven work experience in relevant field;
• Submission of a letter of sponsorship to cover the course cost including the cost of travel to and from Turin; and
• Submission of a cover letter explaining how the course will help the participant enhance his/her professional skills and how they will use these skills in their respective organizations.

Kindly note that we need to receive the above-mentioned three documents in order to enrol you for the Learning Forum; the application form alone is not enough.

Click here below to view or download the course flyer.

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