The ILO and the International Training Centre have accumulated extensive experience in the management and delivery of projects related to the promotion of decent work as a way towards building lasting peace and resilience in fragile contexts.

In this page, you will find a collection of information on such projects, including focus areas, geographical scope, and where available some key insights on the main results.

Projects developed and implemented specifically by the International Training Centre of the ILO, normally relating to training activities, can be found under the blue markers. Projects designed and implemented by the ILO team on Fragility and disaster response are under  the green marker. Orange markers are projects carried out autonomously by the ILO country offices. Purple markers identify projects carried out by our partners.

Particular attention is paid to the project “Promoting rural youth employment in Afghanistan through entrepreneurship education and vocational training – AFG/15/01/NOR”, funded by the Norwegian Government,  under the auspices of which this web platform has been created. More info on the project can be found below.

Where available, publications and reports have been uploaded in our online library and can be accessed by following the link provided in the map pointer.

Promoting rural youth employment in Afghanistan

AFG/15/01/NOR Developing countries face major challenges regarding the quality of available jobs for young people, hence the ILO's engagement in promoting youth employment in Afghanistan. School-to-work transition surveys carried out by the International Labour Organization [...]

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  • Week 4: Entrepreneurship

Training programme for Afghanistan – Week 4: Entrepreneurship

May 22nd, 2017|0 Comments

Week 4: Entrepreneurship has started in New Delhi The fourth module of the One Year Training Programme on Employment Policies: Moving from Fragility to Resilience - Tailored for Afghanistan has officially started today in New Delhi. [...]

  • coaching programme for youth

A Coaching Programme for Youth in Fragile Settings

May 11th, 2017|0 Comments

"A Coaching Programme for Youth in Fragile Settings: a Training of Coaches" has opened today in New Delhi. At the opening ceremony, participants were welcomed by Dr Sher Verick, ILO Country Office Deputy Director. The [...]

Promoting Rural Youth Employment in Afghanistan: Opportunities for ITC in TVET in Afghanistan

May 4th, 2017|0 Comments

Promoting Rural Youth Employment in Afghanistan Opportunities for ITC in TVET in Afghanistan, John O'Sullivan and Fareeduddin Noori, (2017)