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Welcome to the Online Resources page: here you will find a comprehensive, ever-growing collection of online resources, documents, videos on the topic of job creation in fragile states as well as material illustrating the phases of projects undertaken under this umbrella.

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Managing the Economic Dimensions of Peace Processes: Resource Wealth, Autonomy, and Peace in Aceh

“Managing the Economic Dimensions of Peace Processes: Resource Wealth, Autonomy, and Peace in Aceh”, Achim Wennmann and Jana Krause

November 18th, 2016|Tags: |0 Comments

Economic Issues in Peace Processes: Socio-Economic Inequalities and Peace in Nepal

Economic Issues in Peace Processes: Socio-Economic Inequalities and Peace in Nepal, Achim Wennmann

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The Future of Work Dialogues for Youth in Fragile States

The Future of Work Dialogues for Young People in Fragile States: Final Report of the Workshop; ITCILO; Freetown, 28-29 September 2016

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Jobs for Peace and Resilience

The Jobs for Peace and Resilience Programme (JPR) addresses root causes of economic, social and environmental vulnerability to help countries break the vicious cycle of conflicts and disasters.

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Crisis response through jobs and employment

Donato Kiniger-Passigli, Coordinator of the ILO’s Fragile States and Disaster Response Group introduces the work of the 'Committee on employment and decent work for the transition to peace' and the challenges and opportunities it faces heading into the 105th International Labour Conference.

October 11th, 2016|0 Comments

Employment and decent work for peace and resilience

In 2015 the ILO undertook the revision of the Employment (Transition from War to Peace) Recommendation, 1944 (No.71), the only normative instrument in the United Nations system that focuses on crisis response through employment and job creation. In 2016, at the 105th Session of the International Labour Conference, ILO’s Constituents [...]

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