Project cycle management in fragile settings

/Project cycle management in fragile settings

Title: Project cycle management in fragile settings 
Date: 9- 13 December 2019
Venue: Turin

Building peace and meeting development goals in fragile and conflict-affected countries requires special attention from project cycle management experts. Project cycle management techniques ensure that programmes and projects are relevant, feasible, and effective. This course helps managers design better analytical and methodological frameworks specifically for fragile settings.

Target audience

The Attendance of the course benefits project managers as well as other profiles responsible for program and project planning, management and monitoring. This includes M&E officers, communication officers, gender and youth specialists, risk management specialists. Some previous experience and knowledge of PPCM is beneficial but not absolutely required.


The overall learning objectives will:

  • Allow project managers (including specific project team specialists) to gain an understanding of the specific and complex challenges for project management in fragile situations.
  • Improve on project management skills in fragile situations with a varied and effective personal “toolkit”.
  • Understand the complexity of PCM in fragile settings;
  • Know and have the skill to use some tools, techniques and methodologies for PCM in fragile settings;
  • Situate program and project activities in the wider framework of Peace and State building;
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