Second training of coaches in Lebanon to promote entrepreneurship

/Second training of coaches in Lebanon to promote entrepreneurship

The second training of coaches in Lebanon took place from 26 to 29 November 2018 in Beirut. The programme is offered by ITCILO, in cooperation with the ILO and under the framework of the Project “Employment and Peacebuilding – Building Bridges amongst ‘Youth at Risk’ In Lebanon”. The objective of the programme is to train business coaches, who will help young entrepreneurs in the Bekaa governorate start new business and make it productive and sustainable. At the end of the programme, participants have acquired a set of skills and a certification of achievement that will allow them to offer coaching services to entrepreneurs.



This coaching programme is designed for the specific context of coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs in the Bekaa Governorate. In this setting, many of the services that are usually provided by governments and taken for granted in less fragile settings may not be present. In addition, young entrepreneurs are facing context-specific challenges, such as access to services and in particular family support for their joint business ventures between Lebanese and Syrian Youth. It is designed to provide a high degree of followup and support, with the intention that not only the targeted young entrepreneurs will be more successful in starting and growing their business, but also the coaches will have the opportunity to increase their own business activities by providing high quality and sought after services. It addresses gender, with women and men trainers providing the training to the participants and discussing some of the cultural boundaries faced by coaches, and considers the issue of the psychological impact of stress and anxiety facing entrepreneurs  living and working in high degrees of risk and uncertainty characterized by the conditions in fragile settings.

After an initial face-to-face workshop at the beginning of October, the programme had a Distance learning component that lasted from September to November 2018. This part was offered through the E-campus, a specialised e-learning platform developed by the ITCILO that provides a space to support the newly trained coaches who will be required to identify young entrepreneurs as clients and provide a minimum number of hours of coaching (also known as flying hours.) Trainees had the opportunity to share and discuss their learning with the rest of the cohort in a safe space and gain timely advice and support in how to continue to develop their coaching skills. The learning platform was used as a repository for materials and coaching bite sizes, for webinars and for electronic discussions and knowledge-sharing activities. During this period the participants were required to complete assignments and online activities. They have also submitted coaching logs and had one-to-one discussions with their coaching supervisor (one of the trainers).

The second training of coaches in Lebanon is the last part of the training programme and consists of a four-day coaching programme to develop the next level of coaching skills and to validate the participants’ capacity to operate as business coaches. Only participants who have successfully completed the first face-to-face and the distance learning component have been invited to attend this part.

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