Throughout the project a series of awareness raising initiatives targeting different audiences such as returnees, government officials, religious leaders, local vulnerable community, families of the returnees and others shall be undertaken at local level to raise the awareness on the consequences of irregular migration, avoid stigma and discrimination towards returnees and also on the possible livelihood opportunities in the locality.

  • To raise awareness of the public on the dynamics around migration, return migration/ reintegration, and to create a welcoming environment within the local communities for the returnees and to avoid stigmatization and discrimination of returned migrants, a six-month awareness raising campaign been launched. A series of TV and Radio talk shows, mini media campaigns by 150 high schools targeting the youth, social media engagement, as well as a national arts competition to engage the public at large will take place.

    “I too am the future of my country”

  • Given the immense role of religious institutions and leaders in creating awareness and empowering the communities using religious values, the ILO partnered with Inter Religious Council of Ethiopia (IRCE) to sensitize religious leaders on issues challenging returnees with regards to psycho social, stigma and discrimination in the three regions.
  • Broadcasted an awareness raising radio program entitled “I GIVE HOPE” on FM 96.3 to avoid stigma and discrimination against returnees and combat irregular migration. This radio station have a wider outreach and is estimated to have reached approximately 600,000 listeners during the 14 weeks programs.
  • The ILO supported the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the publication of an informational brochure in Amharic.