One Year Programme for Afghanistan – Certificate Ceremony

/One Year Programme for Afghanistan – Certificate Ceremony

An official ceremony to award certificates of achievement to the participants of the ITCILO“One Year Training Programme on National Employment Policies: Moving From Fragility to Resilience – tailored for Afghanistan” was held in Kabul, Afghanistan on 2 October 2018.

Around 50 people took part in the event including H.E Minister of MoLSAMD, Representatives of ILO, of the Norwegian embassy, UNHCR, the Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), the National Union of Afghan Workers and Employees (NUAWE), the Deputy Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Information and culture, Directors of different departments of MoLSAMD, and of course all the participants to the One Year Programme.

The opening speech was delivered by H.E Minister of the MoLSAMD, who appreciated the contribution of the ITC-ILO in capacity development of the tripartite constitutes of the ILO in Afghanistan. He also extended thanks to the government of Norway for supporting the project. This was followed by speeches of Manzoor Khaliq (ILO), Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat (CEO of ACCI) and Mr. Maroof Qaderi ( President of NUAWE) about the different projects created by participants to the training, and their impacts. Mr. Nusrat appreciated the contribution of ITC-ILO in putting in place a cycle of training of trainers and training of entrepreneurs on the ILO Package “Start and Improve Your Business” (SIYB). He mentioned that because of the positive impact of SIYB, n SIYB training is now a main component of ACCI activities throughout the country.

A short presentation focused on the project “Promoting Rural Youth Employment in Afghanistan” and the results obtained during its first phase, with specific attention being paid to the one year training program. After that, representatives of each of the four working groups presented the projects they have developed during the one year programme, and answered the questions. At the end, the official certificate of achievement was distributed to participants.

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