Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment in Lebanon

/Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment in Lebanon

A Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment took place in Beirut on 23 – 26 July 2018 to start sowing the seeds of change in the community affected by decades of war. Lebanese and Syrian youth are at the heart of this project.

This activity is a part of an overall project that will focus on the enhancing engagement of ‘youth at risk’ through a range of livelihoods and social stability activities and, importantly, strengthening the linkages and complementarities between the two. The overall project will enhance youth engagement through activities that would i) promote social stability and conflict resolution; and ii) improve their employability (skills- training, youth entrepreneurship, and job placement initiatives). Together these two sets of activities will foster positive interactions between Lebanese and Syrian youth and create livelihood opportunities.
Anyone starting and growing a business needs help and support, but it has to be the right kind of help and support that can relate to the business environment and wider context and setting. In challenging situations and settings, the right kind of professional support is an imperative. Knowing how to work, not just with budding entrepreneurs, but also their family and community is a significant part of the process skills required by business development practitioners.

Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment

The Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment will develop the soft and process skills required to facilitate good decision making and present the arguments in favour of business start-ups and joint ventures.

The starting point is to develop the requisite skills to advocate for the central objective of the overall project; peacebuilding; utilising the vehicle of developing livelihoods and will include how to advocate for the benefits of social stability and reducing tension by breaking down stereotypes. It will also address the knowledge required to establish a new business so that potential entrepreneurs know they are receiving the best advice and services to help them develop their business ideas.

The trained leaders would be regarded as change agents, able to explain and advocate in favour of peace, stability, self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment

The Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment is highly engaging with lots of practical group work and exercises to develop the requisite skills and short inputs followed by practice, research and the development of the necessary skills and knowledge.


The overall aim of this training event is to equip participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to support potential entrepreneurs to turn their ambitions into realities.
The specific objectives include:
• The Development of influencing and persuasion skills
• Recognition of the specific obstacles and objections that will impact on the success of new business start-ups
• Advocacy skills
• Mediations skills
• Identification of the arguments for self-employment as a positive livelihood strategy
• Networking and building useful business relationships
• Identifying the needs of start-up businesses and potential entrepreneurs
• Tailoring business development services and products to meet the needs of their potential clients, their families and communities

Family Sensitization Programme on Self-Employment

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