The ILO My First Business (MFB) Training programme is a youth-specific adaptation of the ILO Start Your Business (SYB) Programme, which targets potential owners of small businesses to develop and strengthen their basic management skills. This training programme, aimed at developing entrepreneurship, ran in Beirut from 11 to 19 July 2018.

Twenty participants from Al-Majmoua, a non-profit micro-finance institution and ILO’s implementing partners have been trained on the ILO MFB programme to ensure the delivery of non-financial support services to Syrian and Lebanese youth. This will strengthen the capacities of local service providers, ensure commitment and contribute to the sustainability of the intervention.

Up to 1,000 Lebanese and Syrian refugee youth are currently being trained on the MFB package in Lebanon: A 2-day joint entrepreneurship classrooms were held as the first phase of MFB training programme, aimed to raise awareness of entrepreneurship and help youth generate business ideas.