Title: Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations
Date:  26 November – 7 December 2018
Venue: Turin


The Academy on Social Dialogue and Industrial Relations will provide a unique opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends and developments concerning tripartite social dialogue mechanisms, collective bargaining and dispute resolution systems. Participants will personalize their own two-week course by choosing from several electives, and will benefit from an innovative and dynamic learning environment.

 Target audience

Officials from labour ministries; representatives of employers’ and workers’ organizations; members and staff of tripartite social dialogue bodies; officials from labour dispute resolution systems; ILO officials; officials of the UN and intergovernmental organizations.


The Academy provides advanced knowledge needed to contribute to the establishment or consolidation of social dialogue, industrial relations and collective bargaining.

 At the end of the Academy, participants will be able to:

  • Identify enabling conditions for effective social dialogue and industrial relations;
  • Refer to key international labour standards as tools for promoting social dialogue;
  • Describe and discuss trends and different modalities of social dialogue and trends in industrial relations;
  • Analyse good practices of social dialogue and industrial relations from different regions;
  • Review the experience of tripartite social dialogue and industrial relations in their own countries and discuss how to strengthen it;
  • Formulate recommendations to strengthen their national institutions of tripartite social dialogue and industrial relations at all levels;
  • Establish contacts with experts and practitioners in the field of social dialogue and promote sound industrial relations for further cooperation and networking.