Week 6: Skills and Employability

/Week 6: Skills and Employability

The One Year Programme on National Employment Policies: Moving from Fragility to Resilience – Tailored to Afghanistan is moving into its final phase with the conclusion of the “Week 6: Skills and Employability” module which took place in Kabul on 20 – 23 August 2017. The programme is part of the project “Promoting Rural Youth Employment in Afghanistan through Entrepreneurship and Vocational Training”.

skills and employability

The module has covered skills development in the context of fragile states; linkages between skills and informality; case studies connected to sectors with high growth potential; skills development programme design techniques based on case studies; skills development for public investment programmes; private sector involvement in skills development; and social dialogue in action. By the end of the week participants have familiarized with programme design techniques for skills development programmes; have learned to adapt case studies to address and tackle skills and productivity challenges in Afghanistan, and to engage with the private sector through tripartite and social dialogue process.

skills and employability

Past modules have covered a variety of topics, ranging from labour market institutions to youth employment to entrepreneurship and more. Upcoming modules will focus on gender and labour toward empowering women in fragile settings and on moving from the planning stage to the implementation phase of national employment policies.

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