The fifth module “Week 5: Migration and Employment” of the One Year Training Programme on National Employment Policies: Moving from Fragility to Resilience – tailored for Afghanistan took place in Kabul on 15-19 July 2017.

Week 5: Migration and Employment

Week 5: Migration and Employment is the fifth out of eight components of a One Year Training Course which aims at building capacities among government officials, social partners and other relevant stakeholders on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of effective National Employment Policies and other related subjects.
By the end of the training programme participants will have acquired:
• Knowledge of key concepts related to employment policy with emphasis in situations of fragility;
• capacity to actively participate in processes of formulating gender-sensitive employment policies;
• capacity to implement employment policies through action planning;
• capacity to advocate and coordinate the integration of employment policies with development interventions.
In addition, participants will apply the acquired knowledge and skills in a group work aimed at developing customized employment projects as a means to move from fragility to resilience.

The module Week 5: Migration and Employment has included an overview of the migration challenges and interlinkages with employment, including emigration, returnees and internal displacement. In addition, this module covered policies on migration; case studies on migration; stylized facts on internal migration and linkages to livelihood (fragility); initiatives to promote the creation of jobs in fragile contexts; and team projects will be reviewed. By the end of the module Week 5: Migration, participants were be able to know how to develop employment policies migration sensitive; had familiarized with migration for employment in fragile contexts; had learned how to respond to changes in participation patterns (labour supply and demand) in fragile contexts; and have conducted a mid-term review of the respective team projects.

Week 5: Migration and Employment

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