Mr Yama Yari, General Director of the National Procurement Authority of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has paid a visit to the International Training Centre of the ILO on 16 – 19 May. Over the course of his visit, Mr Yari has met with the ITCILO Director, Mr Yanguo Liu, and with Programme Managers from the Centre’s many units.

The visit is particularly important in the context of the project “Promoting Rural Youth Employment in Afghanistan through Entrepreneurship Education and Vocational Training” and it is hoped that, as a result of this visit, the fruitful collaboration between the Centre and the Government of Afghanistan will continue to bring successful results.

In addition, Mr Yari has participated in a round of discussion with representatives of  the Employment Policy and Analysis Programme (EPAP) and Sustainable Development Programme (SDP), to explore concrete areas for future collaboration between the International Training Centre and the National Procurement Authority of Afghanistan.

National Procurement Authority