NEW: A Guide To Market-Based Livelihood Interventions For Refugees

/NEW: A Guide To Market-Based Livelihood Interventions For Refugees

A new joint UNHCR-ILO publication on market based livelihood interventions for refugees has been published today. The publication is the result of a joint effort of the UNHCR Livelihood unit and the SME unit in ILO Enterprises that spanned the past 3 years.

The guide provides a framework for assessment to help practitioners determine the right combination of interventions to arrive at a holistic approach that is well adapted to the local context and labour market.
In doing so, it applies the “Making Markets Work for the Poor” approach (also known as M4P or market systems  development) to the specific context of refugees. Some limitations exist on the applicability of an M4P approach in cases where refugees are dependent on the delivery of necessary goods and services. Nevertheless, M4P provides a useful framework for understanding market systems in which refugees can make a living and offers guidance for identifying interventions aimed at strengthening these systems.

The guide will hopefully provide a programmatic example of how to build the nexus between humanitarian and development actions, and pave the way for more market-oriented approaches to refugee livelihood programmes which ultimately will contribute to the development of the comprehensive refugee response approach, the global compact for refugees, and the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 on decent work and economic growth.

A copy of the guide can be viewed and downloaded from our Library here.


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