Labour Market Analysis: Second Module of the Training Programme for Afghanistan

/Labour Market Analysis: Second Module of the Training Programme for Afghanistan

Week 2 of the One Year Training Programme on Employment Policies – tailored for Afghanistan has started in Kabul on 25 March 2017. The second module of the programme, titled “Labour Market Analysis and Employment Policies”, will run until 29 March 2017 and will cover a wide range of topics linked to Labour Market Analysis: specifically labour market analysis in the Afghan context; the pillars of employment policy and strategy (workforce development); institutional arrangements; employment indicators including disaggregated data (gender); and the team projects will work linking their projects to employment policies.

By the end of the week, participants will have acquired the capacity to understand employment policy tools; will be able to clearly define gender sensitive employment outcomes; and will have acquired a thorough understanding of the role of different line ministries in relation to employment.

As part of the programme, participants are also expected to work on a group project outline, to be fleshed out in incremental stages over the course of the eight modules that compose the programme.

More information on the first module can be found here. Want to learn more about the upcoming modules in the Training Programme for Afghanistan, as well as our upcoming courses and events? Head over to our online calendar.

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