Launch of the Support Initiative: “Promotion of Decent Work in Situations of Fragility”

/Launch of the Support Initiative: “Promotion of Decent Work in Situations of Fragility”

This is a Supporting Initiative of the ILO’s flagship “Jobs for Peace and Resilience” programme, facilitated by the Centre, for the dissemination of knowledge and the delivery of training and learning activities.

In fragile situations, livelihoods are destroyed, businesses disrupted, workplaces damaged and millions of workers lose their jobs and the social protection that often goes with them. Moreover, the institutions that provide for social protection, basic needs and law and order are often compromised or destroyed. Lack of respect for core labour standards, inequality and social exclusion are common characteristics of these situations.

Employment and the resulting incomes are a tangible “peace dividend” for people who have been through conflict. They provide opportunities to enjoy freedom and security, ensure dignity, and give people a stake in the reconciliation and restoration of their communities. Dialogue around productive work brings people together and is essential for direct participation in building resilience.

Tackling the unemployment and under-employment of young women and men reduces tensions and facilitates national reconciliation, building resilience, social cohesion and political stability.

The Jobs for Peace and Resilience Programme (JPR) addresses the root causes of economic, social and environmental vulnerability, helping countries to break the vicious circle of conflicts and disasters.

To find out more about the Supporting Initiative on the “Promotion of Decent Work in Situations of Fragility”, click here or check out our infographic!


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